Photo Name Title Email
Grignon, Jaci Grignon, Jaci Email
  Harvey, Hayley Email
  Lund, William Email
  Wheeler, Donna Email
  Johnson, Casey 1st Grade Teacher Email
Rosin, Jennifer Rosin, Jennifer 1st Grade Teacher Email
Burkhart, Ali Burkhart, Ali 2nd Grade Teacher Email
Field, Kathy Field, Kathy 2nd Grade Teacher Email
Meier, Jeanne Meier, Jeanne 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Stormoen, Becky Stormoen, Becky 3rd Grade Teacher Email
Sell, Connie Sell, Connie 4K Aide Email
Abbey, Janet Abbey, Janet 4K Teacher Email
McCoy, Cathy McCoy, Cathy 4th Grade Teacher Email
Tassone, Missy Tassone, Missy 4th Grade Teacher Email
Poppy, Michelle Poppy, Michelle 5-Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher Email
Hansen, Chris Hansen, Chris 5th Grade Teacher Email
Whitman, Andrea Whitman, Andrea 5th Grade Teacher Email
  Christensen, Joe 6th Grade Teacher Email
Wright, Meria Wright, Meria 6th Grade Teacher Email
Koehn, Carrie Koehn, Carrie Administrative Assistant - LW Jr/Sr High Email
Thompson, Kris Thompson, Kris Administrative Assistant - MES Email
Cordes, Sandra Cordes, Sandra Agriculture Teacher, FFA Advisor Email
Bortle, Sarah Bortle, Sarah Art Teacher Email
Zabler, Nancy Zabler, Nancy Art Teacher Email
Eck, Mary Eck, Mary At-Risk Program Teacher, Math, Student Council Advisor Email
Rohan, Austin Rohan, Austin Band Director, 7th Grade Volleyball Coach, Softball Assistant Coach Email
O'Brien, Carmen O'Brien, Carmen Business Manager Email
Gipp, Rita Gipp, Rita CTE Teacher, National Honor Society Director Email
Christensen, Ellen Christensen, Ellen Choral Director Email
  Peterson, Julie Clerical / Health Aide Email
Connelly, Judy Connelly, Judy Curriculum Interventionist Email
Buttles, Cindy Buttles, Cindy Day Custodian Email
Cobarrubias, Bryant Cobarrubias, Bryant Director of Technology Email
Frazier, Jeanne Frazier, Jeanne District Administrative Assistant Email
Flynn, Stephanie Flynn, Stephanie District Administrative Assistant Support Email
Oppor, Dr. Melanie Oppor, Dr. Melanie District Administrator Email
Pari, Val Pari, Val District Interventionist Email
Krueger, Jennifer Krueger, Jennifer District Library Media Specialist Email
Sernau, Jacquelyn Sernau, Jacquelyn District Reading Specialist, Asst. Forensics Coach Email
Seka, Jill Seka, Jill Early Childhood Education Teacher Email
Duhn, Erik Duhn, Erik Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics Teacher, Asst. Cross Country Coach Email
Teuscher, Diane Teuscher, Diane Elementary Custodian Email
Radley, Shelley Radley, Shelley Elementary Music Teacher Email
Millard, Dawn Millard, Dawn English Teacher - Junior High and Athletic Director Email
Koshollek, Michele Koshollek, Michele English Teacher - Senior High Email
Konkol, Tracy Konkol, Tracy English Teacher - Senior High, HS Forensics Coach Email
Lowney, Dee Dee Lowney, Dee Dee Evening Custodian Email
Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Sharon Food Service Email
  Beyer, Jennie Food Service Email
Buschke, Denise Buschke, Denise Food Service Email