Photo Name Title Email Phone
Photo for Anaya, Amy Anaya, Amy Spanish Teacher Email
Photo for Anderson, Megan Anderson, Megan Special Education Teacher Email 596-5701
Photo for Anderson, Sandi Anderson, Sandi Email
Photo for Baldwin, Sharon Baldwin, Sharon Cafeteria/Kitchen Staff Member Email
Photo for Barber, Sheri Barber, Sheri 1st Grade Teacher Email 596-5721
Photo for Behnke, Renee Behnke, Renee Paraprofessional Aide Email
Photo for Bessette, Jennifer Bessette, Jennifer Guidance Secretary Email 596-5844
Photo for Bonikowske, Dana Bonikowske, Dana Paraprofessional Aide Email
Photo for Bortle, Jeff Bortle, Jeff Mathematics Teacher - Junior High, Football Asst. Coach, CWC Conference Commissioner, Dean of Students Email 596-5806
Photo for Bortle, Sarah Bortle, Sarah Art Teacher Email
Photo for Brauer, Danni Brauer, Danni Special Education Director, Curriculum Director Email 596-5301
Photo for Breaker, Tracy Breaker, Tracy Social Studies Teacher - Junior High, Cross Country Asst. Coach Email 596-5847
Photo for Buschke, Denise Buschke, Denise Food Service Email
Photo for Buttles, Cindy Buttles, Cindy Day Custodian Email
Photo for Byrd, Henry Byrd, Henry Evening Custodian Email
Photo for Carson, Darren Carson, Darren Special Education Teacher Email 920-596-5816
Photo for Celske, Carey Celske, Carey Science Teacher - Senior High Email 596-5843
Photo for Cobarrubias, Bryant Cobarrubias, Bryant Email
Photo for Collins, Patrick Collins, Patrick Mathematics Teacher - Senior High, Girls Basketball Head Coach, Track & Field Head Coach Email 596-5815
Photo for Connelly, Judy Connelly, Judy Curriculum Interventionist Email 596-5727
Photo for Connolly, Janine Connolly, Janine School Counselor Email 596-5802
Photo for Cordes, Sandra Cordes, Sandra Agriculture Teacher, FFA Advisor Email 596-5826
Photo for Dean, Ali Dean, Ali 2nd Grade Teacher, 8th Gr. Volleyball Head Coach Email
Photo for Duhn, Erik Duhn, Erik Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics Teacher Email
Photo for Dunnihoo, Sandra Dunnihoo, Sandra Health Aide Email 596-5845
Photo for Eck, Mary Eck, Mary At-Risk Program Teacher, Student Council Advisor, Math Email 596-5804
Photo for Field, Kathy Field, Kathy 2nd Grade Teacher Email 596-5722
Photo for Flynn, Stephanie Flynn, Stephanie Special Education Administrative Assistant Email 596-2565
Photo for Frazier, Jeanne Frazier, Jeanne District Administrative Assistant Email 596-2525
Photo for Gast, Jacquelyn Gast, Jacquelyn District Reading Specialist, Cross Country Head Coach, MS Forensics Coach Email 596-5829
Photo for Gast, Tori Gast, Tori Library Aide Email
Photo for Gipp, Rita Gipp, Rita CTE Teacher Email
Photo for Grimm, Kathy Grimm, Kathy Night Custodian Email
Photo for Hansen, Chris Hansen, Chris 3rd Grade Teacher Email 596-5716
Photo for Highlander, Sarah Highlander, Sarah 5th Grade Teacher, 4K Director Email
Photo for Hraban, Andrea Hraban, Andrea Business Education Teacher Email
Photo for Huebner, Janet Huebner, Janet 4K Teacher Email 596-5709
Photo for Johnson, Brad Johnson, Brad 6th Grade Teacher, Football Head Coach, Wrestling Head Coach Email 596-5705
Photo for Johnson, Tamara Johnson, Tamara Early Childhood Education Aide Email
Photo for Keller, Shelley Keller, Shelley Office Assistant & Sub Caller Email 596-5801
Photo for Koehler, Dan Koehler, Dan Technology Education Teacher Email 596-5828
Photo for Koehn, Carrie Koehn, Carrie Administrative Assistant Email 596-5800
Photo for Koehn, Olivia Koehn, Olivia District Nurse Email 596-5841
Photo for Konkol, Tracy Konkol, Tracy English Teacher - Senior High, HS Forensics Coach Email 596-5812
Photo for Koshollek, Michele Koshollek, Michele English Teacher - Senior High Email
Photo for Krause, Jill Krause, Jill Physical Education, Health & Adapted P.E. Teacher, JV Volleyball Head Coach, JV Softball Head Coach Email 596-5836
Photo for Kreklow, Rita Kreklow, Rita Library Aide Email
Photo for Krueger, Jennifer Krueger, Jennifer District Library Media Specialist Email 596-5813 (LWHS) 596-5744 (MES)
Photo for Liebzeit, Skylar Liebzeit, Skylar Athletic and Activities Director Email
Photo for Lobianco, Melissa Lobianco, Melissa Paraprofessional Aide Email